Additive Manufacturing offers significant benefits

Design & Engineering

Faster time to market

  1. Fast Prototyping
  2. Fast design adjustments

Greater customization

  1. New customized applications
  2. More differentiated products

Product Enhancements

  1. Better functionalities / product performance
  2. New designs
  3. Less weight


Faster / more flexible manufacturing process

  1. No setup time in production
  2. Fewer production steps / interfaces
  3. Fewer required parts
  4. Less assembly time
  5. More flexibility and better load balance
  6. Inherent quality assurance process
  7. Fewer dedicated machines

Higher material productivity

  1. Less material waste
  2. New material features


Simplified supply chain

  1. Localized production
  2. Elimination of obsolete parts
  3. Refurbishment for specific components
  4. Less dependence on suppliers

More efficient sales process

  1. Customized product exemplification