DFAM Part Design & Manufacture

When a part is designed for conventional manufacturing, it is usually more expensive to produce by AM in typical production quantities. This is largely because AM processes are relatively slow compared to conventional methods of manufacturing.

High Pressure Reactor Howco Additive Manufacturing

However, when a part is redesigned for AM, costs can be competitive or even lower, depending on quantities. Research for Wohlers Report 2018 revealed that 46% of the cost of a metal part is tied to pre- and post-processing.

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A large part of this cost often involves the production and removal of the support structures, also referred to as anchors. A well-designed part can greatly reduce the need for this support material, which dramatically reduces cost.

Howco Additive Manufactuing DFAM Part Design

Good methods of DfAM can add value to products by making them substantially lighter in weight and enhancing performance using topology optimization, generative design, and lattice structures. Conventionally manufactured products made up of many simple parts can be redesigned to consolidate the assembly into a single part. This reduces part numbers, inventory, and assembly costs.

Knowing how and when to use these techniques require designers and engineers to learn how to design for AM. One of the biggest barriers to the widespread adoption of AM has been the lack of knowledge and skills among the design and engineering workforce.

Design Considerations